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used for displaying info about elements
afbeeldingen van laatste plaats ofzo, een beetje random

The PlaceToPee is an interactive urinal which detects the place of a squirt of urine in the urinal. These place data are then stored and transmitted to a computer. Software takes care of an interaction (for instance a game) on a screen which is positioned right in front of the user. That way the PlaceToPee answers to every man's inner need to "write his name in the snow".

Applications for the PlaceToPee are virtually endless (mor information here). You can play games or start up an animation, but the interactive urinal can also be used as a voting computer. By aiming his spout, the user offers his opinion on an issue or a question. It might be something for the next Britain's Got Talent vote?

You can rent the PlaceToPee for your next event. Our trailer with fitted systems would definitely not be out of place on your next party or to draw attention to your company on the next Edinburgh Festival. For more information on hiring, click here.

Should you want more information about the PlaceToPee, contact us on